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Diploma in Logistics Services Management

Diploma in Logistics Management

The target group to attend the Diploma in Logistics Management:

 Managers of institutions and companies.

Personnel in the field of procurement and logistics management.

Warehouse and store managers and secretaries.

Businessmen and managers of commercial companies.

Workers in the logistics function in institutions and organizations.

Employees of enterprise procurement committees.

Students and graduates of business schools from various universities.

How will participants benefit from attending the Logistics Management Diploma?

 At the end of the course program, the participants will have known:

Providing long and short term consultations on maintenance and service related activities.
Manage analyzes of past, current and forecast data for logistics.
Follow-up of logistical services plans in order to ensure the quality of the service provided and reduce expenses.
Direct supervision of the company's purchases of materials.
Program content
Definition, supply and support.
The importance of the logistics function in companies and institutions.
Reasons for the emergence of the logistics function in enterprises.
Importance and objectives of logistics.
Definition of office logistics.
Logistics relationship in corporate functions.
Logistics relationship in marketing.
Logistical thought in enterprises.
Reverse logistics and its importance.
Logistics management and its relationship to the development of companies' work.


300 Hrs



Arabic/ English