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Diploma in Renewable Energy Engineering

Diploma in Renewable Energy  Engineering

Renewable energy is energy derived from natural resources that are renewed, meaning that is not implemented and fundamentally different from fossil fuels such as petroleum, coal and natural gas, or nuclear fuel that is used in nuclear reactors. Renewable energy does not usually generate waste such as carbon dioxide or harmful gases, or work to increase global warming, as occurs when combustion of fossil fuels or harmful atomic waste resulting from nuclear reactors. Al Rowad Academy offers a Renewable Energy Engineering Diploma Program that enables students to acquire the necessary skills to design, implement and operate renewable energy engineering such as solar energy, wind energy and other areas of renewable energy applications.

Diploma Subjects

- General Electricity
- Other Sources of Energy
- Renewable Energy - Photovoltaic Systems
- Renewable Energy - PV Systems Design
- Renewable Energy - PV Installation
- Modeling and simulating PV systems
- Autocad - Renewable Energy
- Occupational Safety and Health - Renewable Energy
- Graduation Projects


300 Hrs



Arabic/ English