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Conversation in English

The English Conversation course aims to provide participants with language skills, developing cognitive skills and awareness of English in conversation. So that the course focuses on how communication works and encourages participants to interact and use English as a language of dialogue through various topics involving different activities such as; Reading, listening and conversation. With a broad focus on listening and speaking, with the aim of mastering the acquired conversation skills and using the language fluently as a means of communication, as well as speaking the language as its native speakers with harmony and flexibility. In addition to using advanced grammar and language settings, faster and without translation.

The English Conversation Course, Level 1, is designed to develop cognitive skills in English conversation, so that the course focuses on how to communicate properly as well as encourage participants to interact through a variety of topics that involve different activities such as; Reading, listening, and conversation.

Course outcomes

Enable participants to produce a language that may be unpredictable.
Enable participants to use communication strategies
Learn to reflect the natural use of language.
Learn to relate language use to context.
Enable participants to achieve communication.
Recognize the need for meaningful use of language.
Identify errors in speech and how to correct them.
Enable participants to demonstrate an effective choice of vocabulary, idioms and phrases within speech.

The axes

Hopes and ambitions
Free time activities
Talking about a story_ incorporating reading and speaking
Agreeing / disagreeing, expressing an opinion, and reasoning
Talking about your favorite movie_ incorporating listening and speaking
Discussing an abstract noun, and question formation and processing
Understanding meaning within a context
Tongue twisters
Getting socially involved_ practicing brainstorming and processing information
Idioms and collocations


10 Hrs


8 JD