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Certified Professional Training Of Trainers (TOT)

The Training of Trainers (ToT) Certification Programme is a recurring capacity-development event that serves as a meeting place for capacity-development policy-makers, practitioners, trainers, facilitators, knowledge brokers, chief learning officers, and staff development specialists. The goal is to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on the latest methodologies, technologies, and approaches to learning innovation, and to prepare participants for official international trainers' certification.


The ToT certification program will be particularly beneficial to the trainers (from the ILO and other UN agencies, as well as the European Commission and other development cooperation entities) who work on international development projects; Technical specialists and project personnel who deal with components and other stakeholders; Facilitators who manage learning and change processes; Educators and professional education experts seek to introduce innovation into their curricula to contribute to the flourishing of learners' potential and creativity; Human resource managers working in ministries, public bodies, companies, and trade unions who need to improve coordination of learning and oversee them; Union representatives responsible for human development.


24 Hrs

ReeM Al-Momani

1 JD

عربي /English