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Software Engineering and Application Development

Diploma in Software and Application Engineering

Website and application developer diploma includes step by step instructions, classroom exercises and discussions for creating a dynamic website, creating a database for store content, fetching content from database and managing users and authentications. In this program, participants will learn the advanced techniques which will help them create interactive web pages (Jquery and AJAX) by learning the process of publishing PHP web site as the PHP “Hypertext Preprocessor” is the most famous server-side programming language in the world. It is used to create a dynamic website and it supports many databases such as oracle, SQL server, etc. It has the following functionalities: Cross platform (run with all operation system), Robust, Reasonability, Scalable, Fully object oriented.

Package Objectives

- Gain the skills to create dynamic websites from the start with the best performance, best look and style.
- Learn how to use front-end web interface techniques and create a database for store content as well as fetch content from the database.
- Learn how to use OOP in PHP and use different types of web services.
- Gain the ability to implement Jquery Ajax and implement various security issues.
- Learn how to use JQuery for Web Interactivity and to use AJAX in addition to publishing your website.

- Package Subjects

- Designing mobile applications
- Photoshop
- website design


300 Hrs


450 JD

Arabic/ English