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 Mobile application design

In this course, we will touch on the basics and emphasize programming concepts and the correct programming syntax, in order to start developing Android applications using the OOP in the Java programming language. It will start with the fundamentals of Kenyan programming until it reaches a level that enables it to proceed in-depth with advanced software topics in the field of developing Android applications. And we will start in the following topics to make sure that all the basics are clear and we will explain the principles and basics of Java programming explain the programming approach through the Object-Oriented and how we benefit from it in software development. Dealing with the programming environment, creating simple and more sophisticated programs, and using logical analysis of programming ideas.

We will understand the basics of smart application programming using Android and design the user interfaces with the latest programming methods to ensure modern and easy-to-use designs and practice programming mechanisms that ensure the application works efficiently and without errors. Of course, we will test the application and make sure it is ready to upload to Google Play Upload the application and publish it to the application store.

Primary axes of the course are

- User interface design
- Description of the basic components of Android
- Android platform
- Network support
- Basics of event handling and algorithms in Android

The course objectives are:

- Program your own application
- Make money from these applications
- Learn the basic rules of programming languages
- Building mobile applications
- Obtaining the techniques and skills needed to build Android applications
- Learn about the mobile application development architecture


30 Hrs

Yousef Al Okor

55 JD

Arabic/ English