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Human Resources Management Diploma HRM

Diploma in Secretarial and Human Resources

First: Secretarial Office Administration:

- The first axis: modern office and secretarial work

- The emergence of office management and its types
- The concept of office management and its functions
- The concept of secretarial work, its functions and types
- Secretarial and administrative functions
- The position of the secretariat and office management in the organizational structure
- Office design and furnishing
- Arrange office equipment and supplies Cleanliness, maintenance, security and safety of offices

- The second axis: starting work in a new position

- The third axis: secretarial skills

- Effective communication skills
- Use of the phone
- Mail processing
- Management of documents and archives, electronic archive
- Organizing appointments and receiving visitors Organizing and managing meetings Providing materials and supplies to the administration

- The fourth axis: following up the work of the administration

- Fifth axis: travel arrangements

- Sixth Axis: Preparing correspondence and correspondence

- The importance and components of commercial correspondence
- Formal elements of commercial correspondence
- Parts of commercial and electronic correspondence
- Inquiry and answer correspondence
- Supply and demand correspondence
- Application procedure correspondence and complaint correspondence
- Settlement correspondence and commercial terms
- Time management skills
- Time planning skills for the secretariat

  Second: computer applications in office work.


  Third: Modern Management Skills Course.

  Fourth: English language basics subject.


300 Hrs

Tamer Nouara

450 JD

Arabic/ English