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Diploma in Marketing, Sales and Customer Service

Diploma in Marketing, Sales and Customer Service

There are some disciplines that are closely related and need the same skills and personal characteristics to carry out successfully, and among these specializations are marketing, sales and customer service, these three jobs almost need similar personal traits, from presentation skills, persuasion, negotiation and understanding the nature of customers, and for this we have designed this training certificate Distinguished for the merging of these specializations in one training program, to help the participants acquire the skills and experience required to work in any of those jobs, and holders of that certificate can also combine two jobs of them or between the three, because the experiences gained in this program will undoubtedly help the participants to work in any Of them or all of them.

Training topics to be studied

- Professional Marketing Course
- Professional Marketing Concepts
- Marketing development stages
- Marketing myopia
- Marketing opportunities
- Marketing mix selection
- Marketing environment and its factors
- What is the market
- Marketing strategy
- Segmentation of the market and its conditions
- Consumer markets
- The stages of the purchase decision
- Factors affecting the consumer market
- Marketing research
- What are the new commodities?
- The causes and stages of the development of the new commodity
- Reasons for the success or failure of the new commodity
- What is the service?
- Classification of ores and their properties
- Color psychology
- The effect of numbers on buying
- Sales cycle
- Selling concept
- Personal selling
- How to find clients
- Technic phone call
- Steps in the sales process


300 Hrs


450 JD

Arabic/ English