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Train The Trainer (TTT)

Train the trainers

Training course

The Training of Trainers course is designed to familiarize participants with the most effective way of transforming information into practical skills and applications. This course focuses on sharing ideas and experiences instead of merely transmitting information, in order to contribute to building the capabilities of the participants and developing their skills in implementing the training plans.

This course also aims to develop human resources management in the organization with a focus on the trainer's capabilities and training skills instead of focusing on acquiring knowledge only. Participants will also learn about the different methods of assessing training needs, as they will have the foundations and structures for the training strategy through which the sustainable implementation of practices will be achieved. New.

Course outcomes

Enable participants to understand the concept of training and the training program
Introduce the participants to the most important knowledge and skills that a trainer should possess
Enable participants to distinguish between the trainees' basic learning styles
Enable participants to implement the main activities with training
Participants' awareness of the importance of treating learners as great learners
Demonstrate a positive trend towards the importance of providing interactive training rather than indoctrination
Introduce participants to the characteristics of learning and how to use them to provide successful training

The axes

Trainer and training
The trainee and the patterns of the trainees
The training process
Implementation and evaluation of the training program


30 Hrs

Eng. Mohammad Al-Momani

120 JD

Arabic/ English

In Academy