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International Computer Driving License

International Computer Driving License

  The ICDL course is designed to qualify participants and develop their digital skills in line with international training standards.
As a certified partner of the ECDL Foundation, and as the certification body for the leading international programs for accrediting computer skills to train and hold ICDL exams, we offer this course according to the official ECDL curriculum.
This course aims to develop participants ’skills and enhance their ability to deal with computers and their general applications, by providing participants with the skills and competencies needed to use computers and its applications at the required level, by providing practical examples of implementation that would sharpen the skills. This course also provides excellent opportunities. Either to develop relevant competencies for future career development, or to contribute to continuing professional development.

Course outcomes

- Learn basic concepts related to information and communication technology and computer hardware, as well as working effectively on computers ’desktops and using icons and windows.

- Learn how to adjust major operating system settings, use built-in help features, create simple documents, print output, create presentations, insert objects, and learn how to add effects to them.

- Enable participants to apply different formats to documents and learn good practices in choosing appropriate formatting options.

- Enable participants to insert tables, images and icons into documents and choose built-in options such as the Help option within the applications to enhance productivity.

- Enable participants to edit rows and columns in excel files, as well as copy, move, delete and rename worksheets appropriately.


- Enable participants to use web browsers, familiarize themselves with browser settings and bookmarks, as well as web output, and learn methods of online communication such as e-mail.


- Enable participants to use appropriate web browser settings, understand how to authenticate websites and browse the web safely, and understand communication security problems that can arise from the use of e-mail, social networks, instant messaging, and mobile devices.


- Enable participants to backup and restore data to local and cloud storage sites, as well as delete and safely dispose of data.


30 Hrs



Arabic/ English