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Training course

Adobe Illustrator CC is the world's most powerful graphic software for creating attractive illustrations, logos, animations, maps, vector graphics, and ads in a professional way to provide creative solutions.
The Adobe Illustrator  includes step-by-step instructions, exercises and discussions to customize the course in the way trainees want. 

Course outcomes

Learn the basic concepts and features of Adobe Illustrator
Learn about the program's tools and techniques.
Gain good design skills as well as vector graphics.
Enable participants to deal with measurement systems.
Enable participants to create new documents and layouts from scratch for digital printing and reading systems.
Learn to work with points and paths.
Learn to work with color, export documents, and work with fonts.
Enable participants to create designs for clear web pages and for mobile phones.
Learn to paint and drop.

The axes

MODULE 1: Introduction
MODULE 2: Starting Illustrator
MODULE 3: Objects
MODULE 4: Transforming Objects
MODULE 5: Fill and Strokes
MODULE 6: Modify Objects
MODULE 7: Type
MODULE 8: Points and Path
MODULE 9: How to Make a Logo
Exam and Projects


30 Hrs


24 JD

Arabic/ English